Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today I got my friend, Hannah's letter. I soooo love it!! It's three pages long and very very colorful. My Mom is ordering this super new wax seal. I t is a Barn Owl. One my favorite kinds of owl. It is a tie between the Barred Owl and the Barn Owl, oh I also like Burrowing Owls because a couple months ago I saw a Burrowing Owl come out of its hollow (the hollow is the vacant lot near my house) It was sooo cute. A light brown color with stick legs. Anyway I can't wait to get it!! right now all I have is a running horse seal in red.
I had a great day. But I sneezed all day and it Orchestra ( I play the upright bass) the cello in front of my had pink eye. He didn't want to go home because he has prefect attendance and I think that he will get in trouble with his dad. I had two tests today ( science and math) I got a 100% in science and 90% in math. So good over all. Yeah I'm also changing up my blog's design.
Later, Sabine ( aka Potato Girl)


  1. Hi Sabine,

    You really should put a contact button on your blog or profile page. Never know who may need to get in touch with you! hint hint nudge nudge wink wink.

    contact me. :)