Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gem Show

Last Saturday I went to the Gem Show in Tucson. There was a lot of awesome stuff. The first thing that I had bought was was a small crystal with double pointed sides. Then I bought a a small stone carved owl that is grayish brown with bright green eyes. I love it. We walked though all the different country booths. My favorite country tent was the Indian tent. I just loved all the colorful birds, bells, camels, and elephants. I also just love looking at the Hindu gods because they look so different. The good kind of different. At the Indian tent I also bought this knit panda hat with long tassels at the end. It was my favorite that I bought all day. Oh and for lunch ate this great Native American fry bread. It is my new second favorite food. My first favorite food is la grande la orange pizza. So anyway I have great day last Saturday.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sabine,
    I go to the Gem Show every year and look for new cool beads and crystals that I send to my niece and nephew.
    Last time I went I spent way too much money, but came back with some awesome beads.