Monday, June 22, 2009

Well today my Mom made me unpack some of the boxes in my room. 
I said "Mom, I'm only 11. I get distracted easily! So you have to help me. I am your child."
She helped me unpack. Now my my room looks like any other kids room. It's messy and filled with stuff. Ok most 11 year olds don't obsess over SockMonkeys. Yes I do obsess SockMonkeys. I have a SockMonkey named SockMonkey (other names for my SockMonkey would be Mr. Socky Monkey, socky Joe Bob, sockMonkey the SuperHero, 008 (Socky Bond).) I also a SockMonkey jack n' the box, SockMonkey slippers, SockMonkey PJs, and soon Mom said I could can a SockMonkey kit that teaches you to make SockMonkeys.
The rest of the day I played on my Wii.       

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Welcome to !!!!!  Beware if you are looking for a website all about potato then you are at the wrong website.  We have some things about potato, but there other things 2.  

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