Saturday, October 16, 2010


I got my nails done with my best friend Emily Today i got a teal blue with white and red flowers. Emily got Fuchsia nails with white and blue flowers. We got our awesome nails done after our sleep over that happened at my house. Then the 2 of us went to her house and we played her awesomely cute tiny dog named Oliver. He is half Terrier half Chihuahua. He is sooooo cute!!! We took Ollie for a walk and after about block we climbed up a desert hill and Ollie he may have tiny light brown legs, but he is a great climber. Me? I had ballet flats on so not as easy as I would have hope, but I live in the desert and climb hills a lot so I am good at that. Oh a thing I forgot to tell is that last night Emmy and I built the most awesome fort in the world!!!!

Well Bye!

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