Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well I am in Pod A for the school year. Like a part of the 7th grade area. I only know one person so far. All of my friends are in Pod b. And I will only see them at lunch. Sad face :( well most of my friends don't answer their phones so there is still hope :| . Okay my laptop is having trouble uploading pictures so until my computer is better no pics. Frowny Face. Oh yeah I am back in Arizona. My home, In my very colorful room with pics of owls, paintings I have done (only 2 are owls) A Mosaic I did for a school project in Texas ( 110% or A++) colorful quilt, Orange sheets, And stuff animals. A normal 7th grade girls room, if you live in a artist family. I bet must 7th grade girls don't have a paint covered tarp under their bed, or a easel in the corner of the room. Well I would love to talk more or type whatever, but Mom made dinner. Homemade Hamburgers, and corn. Yum.


  1. Glad you are home in your artist's room. Give Pod A a chance. There is usually a reason for eerything.

  2. Maybe you will make some fantastic new friends in Pod A, so it might not be all that bad. Good luck with 7th grade. Your room sounds really fantastic, kind of like my grown up artist room!