Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well I am sleepy. I just one of the best and worst sleepovers ever. Okay not the best there was one where I sleepover with with 5 girls in a fancy hotel room. Anyway we watched movies all night. Talked ya know what 7 girls in a hot room do, ate brownies and chucks of frosting. Emily and Rachel were there too. Emily told told me I talk in my sleep, something about a Squirrel murdering cheese, and Mr. Penguin stealing my cookie. Well I'm not the worst, Bethany sleep walks. It was at her house so she knows the place. She was walking around yelling "WHERE'S THE BREAD! WHERE'S THE BREAD!" and no she was not faking. Their cat, Handsome, loves me and I am allergic to cats, You see were this going right. K, don't need to say no more. OWL that is weekly. Up at the top. Great Horned. Named Bill.

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