Friday, July 30, 2010

Today I am going to the Owl lab and if if I get any good pics I will upload them. And I also got the ring I made back yesterday. I'll take a pic later.


e_screech owl.jpg

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  1. Oh how I wish you could come to Oregon. Your mom and I could do crafts (and you too) and I'd take you to the Raptor Center where they rescue hurt raptors. I saw a hawk get hit by a car once and I put her in a boz and drove her to the center. They put her in a special big box that keeps her quiet and warm. She had a broken pelvis, but they fixed her and let her go back in the area where I found her. They have some birds that can't be re-released and they use them for educational field trips to schools and such. They have a fabulous pygmy owl. I've been wanting to go out tere and photograph their birds. Now You've inspired me to do that. I'll send pictures hen I get them.