Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hi hi hi hi hi sorry haven"t been on but i have been real busy well i will update. Audrey's B-day was real fun we saw Fantastic Mr. Fox it was a great movie and i loved it!!! My B-day was Awesome I am getting really good at roller staking well this good means i won't fall all the time. Well heres more stuff i am good at cello a 110 in S.S.


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  1. Hi Sabine! Remember me? I'm the one who has an 11 year old son who couldn't believe a girl writes a blog about po-ta-toes. How are you doing? Are you all settled in your new home and your school? If you are getting 110 is S.S., well, that's a good sign. My son, Kyle, wants to learn to speak French because he thinks it's a really cool language. Do they teach languages at your school? Hey, tell your mom to check out my new website at My new logo is good, and going strong. I bet your mom is a really talented graphic designer. Write to me again so I know how you're doing!